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Children in the Streets

Children in the streets chanting WATER IS LIFE

Children chasing each other to whisper I LOVE YOU into the other’s ears so soft it tickles

Children dreaming in their dreams

Children drinking wine and children crying and sometimes both at the same time

Children perplexed at the inaction of their parents

Children wondering why things happen

Children knowing deep down everyone wants to be loved

Children growing and trying to grow

Children holding each other’s hands and children holding their own hands quietly

Children shaken whispering STILL I RISE

Children and their mothers and their fathers singing RISE UP

Children in the streets as one with the Earth awaken

The Other Is You

One may think the other is other. The truth is you are all of us, and together we are you.


Something evil thinks it’s seizing hold of power. Something evil: ignorance, ego, pure idiocy. Something evil seeps within people, people we know and respect. How do we overcome hate and fear? Presence and education. Listening and togetherness. Hope and change.

Series 1= Fractal Images Captured in a 3D Animation Rendering, Series 2= Videos Rendered as Animations, Series 3= Sequencing of fractal images Captured from a 3d Animated Rendering Series 4= Compounding Sequencial Imagery to form new fractals, and Fractal Artwork.

Consider the fact that we’re a lot like fractals [noun, mathematics]: “a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.”

Now begins the coming together of humanity. Love all the way.

In Our Hands

After the #IFLApubLibraries as Publishers” conference, August 10-12 at the University of Michigan Library, I trust now and must share (here I’m writing to the public, to our one United Public) that together we can and will save the world through collaboration, education, motivation, and empathy.

Through love. (I mean it.)

It means valuing inclusion, creativity, communication, quality, and the spirit of art, innovation, and open access everywhere, all the time, beginning sustainably in higher education, for it is our responsibility at our nation’s leading institutions to nurture the cultural, social, and intellectual well-being of our communities (local to global) and step up to say this matters.

If all the power I have in this moment is the power of words, then I will raise my voice from here on out to advocate for these values in the world and support my fellow humans with a new mantra: learning is life. It’s time to live it.

If this sounds good (say, if you support the mission of the University of Michigan or The Malala Fund), join in this pivotal movement toward a national ask for funded art programs and “making labs” across the country, open access education, and a collective vision of global literacy and intentional communication in the Information Age.

The world needs good, smart, innovative people at the forefront of our society, both on and off the internet. That means safety in our communities, both on and off the internet.

That means the grit of love and feminism must persist.

Call this protest! Call it performance art! It is the crux of my personal and professional mission moving forward. How remarkable to be living at this revolutionary time.

I’ve never felt more inspired to remember I’m a Wolverine. Now is a preciously serendipitous moment to work with students, teachers, artists, librarians, and researchers in publishing at the University of Michigan and beyond. And it’s time to pay it forward.

We must share with intention, sans ego, from now on. (We can, yes. We must.)

This is in our hands. The whole of it.

Together we will make the future. And we will make it better.